Ashley’s Towing Scratched my car and denied my claim do to the fact that I don’t have a previous picture without the scratches they did to my car Las Vegas, Nevada!!. On Friday 10/5/12 My car was towed by Ashley’s towing from the comunity I live in. They claim the HOA ordered them to tow my car. I live in the community on the houses side and I was not aware that in the townhome side of the community i need a special sticker to park. I was legally parked, not blocking anybody’s way, in the other side of the street I saw the red marking for the fire hydrant, and driving for so many years I think I know the rules where to park and where not. The day this incident happened I was just picking up my daughter from my friends house, and I saw the towing company, back up, lift up my car and when i questioned why? the answer I got is sorry, i can not give you any answers. I even asked the driver to please at least let me take my purse out of the car, I

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