Hi are you still the kitten to this young lady Ashley she paid me through pay pal and then after she received her kitten she said she never received it. I had another customer that was their witnesses wouldn’t witnessed it the Carrier. | I have all had the text and everything else like evidently is easy to a do that the pull her money I’m hoping to get my money back from her because she has my kitten and now she is trying to sell it on Facebook so not only did she not pay for my kitten. | She’s trying to make money selling my kitten my poor little kitten I feel so bad. I hope she goes to a better home where she returns my kitten back to me said she doesn’t want to pay for her and just make money. | I found multiple fraudulent claims onher when I was you know looking through for her on the Internet the Internet she has like 15 claims against her and her husband Corey they both do this together you know so by seller beware of this one. | I’m hoping to get my money back through small claims court with our attorney and I hope she learns her lesson. Please don’t sell anything to this woman she’s a cook she’s terrible she’s treating my kitten like Like an object and not a live animal Pray that my kitten finds it better home or I get her back.