Moved in this year, believing that this was a “luxury apartment complex”” as it was first listed (now changed). The place is a sham. Infested with bugs though my apartment is cleaned literally every single day. I am OCD about vacuuming and wiping everything down with Clorox wipes. The $3 Massey treatments do nothing to get rid of the infestation. I pay approx. $1500 a month to wake up to bugs the size of LIZARDS. The complex charges fees at any given chance. They do not pick up garbage or recycling frequently enough to prevent animals from tearing into it. They refuse to order secure garbage cans (like every other complex has) to prevent trash from getting strewn all over. I regret moving here and do not feel any peace of mind or comfort coming home to this unit. I have lost sleep over the giant bugs

I worry about germs and disease

I canot wait to move and warn others about this disgusting place. The complex is also loud and does not enforce reserved parking zones

even if you have a special need or handicap. You must pay two parking fees an dhope that your space is still open. DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!”

12137 Ashton Manor Way Orlando, FL United States