My husband befriended a coworker, and since I’ve had previous problems trusting people in our home surprised we have children I never allowed anyone near us. But after awhile of him saying his male coworker has a long time pregnant girlfriend (I was also pregnant with our 3rd child) I decided to meet her. We all became friends hung out all the time our children even went to the same daycare. Went as far as our kids going to the same daycare, I even babysat for free while she worked. Months went by and I considered her a good friend confided in her all the time. One night my husband and his brother get into a argument and his brother yelled out”why don’t you tell your wife how good of a husband you’ve been” later on that night I asked my husband what He meant. || And that’s when He told me this whore Ashton and him have been sexting half of my pregnancy (I’m 39 weeks pregnant at this point) I couldn’t believe it, I broke down. She gave birth 4 months prior to me. She had a family and a fiancee of her own and STILL came and ruined my family. She rubbed my pregnant belly while behind my back was sending nudes to my husband and father of my children. And even after I texted her I knew and to stay away from us, months after I delivered she tried texting my husband once again. No longer pregnant I told her if I ever saw her I was going to ruin her. I want her exposed to prevent this slut from coming into anyone else’s home. I’ve heard she’s still going after expecting father’s. Men who have a wife at home. She’s nasty and a horrible human being.