Complaint: The initial excitement and going to the design center was cumbersome but good. The last 2 months were absolute hell. My wife and I spend every weekend going over the workmanship issues, having them correct obvious items they should have caught. We hired an independent inspector 2 weeks before we closed; he found epic failures to the roof, electrical, A/C set up and general issues. How in the world does a contractor neglect to do the job right unless they were told to half-a** it in the first place. At the last day of inspection before we closed, several items were still not done so we left and stated u201cfix them before we closeu201d. **Here is the kicker**, they sent us a demand letter the next day to close in 5 days even though the house was not compete or loose our money and they would sell the house underneath us. It took emails and calls to the CFO and the President to get a human response. That being said, I actually never heard form the CFO or President of Ashton Woods, only a sales rep that stated our issues are being resolved and it would take another 2 weeks. So after the items were completed, my wife and I, just mentally exhausted, threw up the white flag as the workman ship is still not of quality and the end experience was a nightmare. We have never gotten an apology for the way we were treated, only a survey and being asked to give all high scores ( are you kidding me ) We are currently in the home and have issues still. Buyers bewareu2026u2026u2026

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