Complaint: Listed on google offers a 100 % money back guarantee if scammed by one of their agency woman members. Additionally has posted a YOUTUBE video that has never been amended , taken down or corrected since 2014 . that states the same policy, however I have a written letter from them today which states completely otherwise that they don’t have any money back guarentee and only replace credits that were used on the woman member. Additionally they claim the woman is to be permently removed from the site as well as serveraly warn their partner agencies, yet the fake profile is now displayed or back on the dating site again scamming more unsuspected men like me. This is just the tip of the iceburg I have so many copies of woman on the site that also are not real or are fake profiles, etc… It will take months to share and publish all the evidence I have complied over the last year with the help of a retired law enforcement agent. The fight has just begun. Respectfully Mark [email protected]

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