Complaint: I recently took my 2003 Kawasaki ZZR600 motorcycle to ASK Powersports for 20K mile service. After riding the bike some 40 miles back home, I noticed several things wrong with the bike. In addition to scratches on the bike that weren’t there when I took it in, 2 Titanium bolts that hold the rear fairing to the frame were missing. The idle mixture adjustment mechanism wasn’t where it was supposed to be. I also noticed 2 left front pinch axle bolts protruding past the recess on the lower front fork. After removing these 2 bolts with my fingers I checked all the other bolts associated with the front suspension, only to find none of them torqued to factory specification. Even the brake caliper mounting bolts had not been torqued to factory specification. Upon removing the gas tank to retrieve the idle mixture mechanism, which was bolted between the gas tank and frame, the uppper fuel line hose clamp to the fuel shutoff was loose. I could pull off the fuel hose. The fuel tank vent hose clamp wasn’t tight. In addition to having to replace the titanium bolts the service department lost, I have to replace one of the brake caliper mounting bolts because the hex head is stripped out. The dealer wanted me to bring the bike back to them, so they could make it “Right.”” After endangering my life and safety

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Address: as well as the safety of others on Interstate 70

Website: there was no way I would ever trust this dealership again. ASK Powersports didn’t offer to trailer my bike back to them in its unrepaired and unsafe state

Phone: by not torquing to specification the bolts associated with the front suspension