Complaint: On 9/26/15, I arrived home from work early in themoning with pains. I was exhausted and decided to Google my symptoms. A site appeared on a list called He looked legit. He provided a contact phone number, address, which I Googled, There was another physician on his site who also had good internet credentials. I put in my symptoms and answered questions. The program asked for my contact info. As I typed in my name, the site populated all of it’s fields with my address, phone, and email. I didn’t have to type any of it. The site reapatedly told me not to leave or close the site – that the doctor was preparing my information and would email me within 30 minutes and no laer than 36 hours. I came back to my comptuer after an hour,thinking my diagnosis or advice would be there. but the program was still timing down with the same messages. There was a message added that they would be charging me $1.49. After entering my credit card info, a new message came up stating that they will charge me $19.95 per month for a year. They didn’t ask, they told me. It then reminded me of a compuyter re-imaging program that harvests information for about an hour in order to clean and re-load the hard drive. I thought they might be harvesting, so I shut down the program and called my credit card provider. I never did receive a diagnosis email. But later in the day I went to pay a phone bill online and received a message that my computer had been compromised and that the phone company’s emcryption software won’t allow me into the payment site until the intruder is gone. Don’t trust these sites. I still ended up going to the emergency room, plus now I have to fill out forms for my cred card, requesting an embargo against that company. Not to mention that I have to do this Ripoff Scams. And I don’t know what else will come from this because I made a bad decision. It’s taken me extra effort and I had to go to the emergency room anyway. I should have just gone there in the first place.

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