this came in the US Mail advising to help reduce credit card debt.They claim to be able to reduce debt for various credit cards like Bank of America, Discover, Capital One, American Express and Wells Fargo accounts. It claims to be a letter from their "Validation Dept" with an approval # saying to contact them at this number within 10 days of getting this notice. Ph # 888-462-2712. They claim they have invalidated accts with the above mentioned companies and if you have accts with these companies you may be entitled to significant reductions of your outstanding debts. Failure to call and make payments may result in interest accruing on your unsecured credit balances at an unreasonable rate plus penalties may accrue in the event of unpaid obligations. They give NO Company name , just a number 450-106 Sr 13 N, # 357 and address as St. Johns, Fl. 32259. I did not contact them as I fear this is a scam.