I was told to use a local contractor. I didn’t listen. I signed a contract with Mr. and Mrs. Malone the day they drove up to my house . They were very nice and I asked him questions . Would they would replace rotted wood? Yes he replied. Do you have experienced workers? Yes he replied. A couple days later I said down with Jess I pick my colors. He said that they would start in one or two weeks on my roof. The next day I came home from work and my driveway was full of siding materials . I was having my windows replaced at the same time and the window guys showed up that day and told me it was the cheapest siding the company makes that was laying in my driveway. I never received any phone calls. They told me they were going to start the roof first In 1 to 2 weeks. I called them to ask about the siding that I didn’t want the cheapest siding put on my house and why is it in my driveway blocking my garage. I had to move all the materials by hand so I could get in my garage. Steven Gonzalas called and said it must of been a mistake by the office and he would be out the next day to talk about the siding. The next day I got home from work and my whole house was stripped of the aluminum siding and piled in a pickup truck of 3 honduran workers that didnt speak english. Half the house was sided . They didnt put house wrap like the insurance was paying for. The siding was nailed way to tight to the wall. I was fuming !there was a rain storm coming and my house had no protection on it. I had to point out the storm and they quickly threw up the insulation vapor barrior they were using while it was raining. No communication from the company! I called and bitched and asked them what the hell was going on and they made up another story. They said they would fix the siding but they didnt because I found out later the nails were to short. Im a bricklayer by trade worked in construction for 30 years I never would do work like that. Steven Gonzolas came over and tried to appease me . Im to nice I felt trapped, shoulda thrown them off my property. A Day later I come home from work and theres a dumpster sitting in my driveway blocking my garage. No phone calls nothing! Im fffin livid. I called but they couldnt come back it was to late. I had to get my floor jacks out of garage and move the dumpster by hand. They never called to tell me anything they were doing . I came home the next day the new roof was on and they were gone.! There was tar from shingles on my white aluminium window capping and brick front and the new siding. I went up on the roof and there were at least 25 visible nailheads showing . The ridgevent looked like a snake. The shingles were hanging over the drip edge 2 inches and curled down in the gutter already? They never got a permit because my sister works in the township office. They never put the ice damning protection on. They never changed the vent boots around the pipe ,they spray painted them .They never replaced the rotted wood on the backside of my house. They removed a electric line from a box and just pushed it into my attic. Took another electric line out of conduit and taped it up behind the siding going to an electric box. They covered up an ant infestation on my garage. Never nailed or changed the old drip edge on garage. I never paid them and they put a lien on my house. I want to get it removed. Please help.

2909 windmill rd. Suite 6 Sinking spring, Pennsylvania USA



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