Complaint: aspire marketing Micheal Howard Last night I was on my laptop and it FROZE with a voice urging me to call the number on the screen because I have been hacked by a porn site it kep repeating this messgae over and over so I called them number. This guy who I spoke to said his name was Micheal ( spelled this way Howard he showed me his mircosoft creditials gave me his emplyee ID and showe dme a picture of himself. I wanted to have verification of who I was speaking with. He showed me that my spyware was not active and my entire compueter was open to the public and he needed to see what was breached. I wanted proof and was on the phone dealing with him and then his SECURITY tech person for an hour. I ended up having to buy the “software”” to proetct my computers. He said it would take about 30 minutes to clean my issues and install this security measure. he said we will call you when its complete and if you arent available we will email you and call you to confirm in the morning. It was late so i went to bed. he said dont turn off your computer so i didnt. I woke up this am and my computer was still frozen nothing had been done. So I called the number back and that person gave me another story – but again my computer was frozen and I thought I paid to get this protection. Nothin was done again so I contacted my IT guy who told me this is a scam and when they lock up your computer just turn it off. I blocked the payment to them and now have to have my lap top reviewed for anything they can have access to. ITS A SCAM!!! My report is above under “”what they did to me””. Aspire marketing is a scam! when you find your computer locked it them just turn it off. They are very clever at convincing you that your computer has secuity issues.”

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