On 09/16/2016 a man calling himself Leonard Pitt called me stating that there was currently a legal action against my name for a pay day loan that had taken plave back in 2008. | I did not remember ever taking a loan out but I was a single mother back then so I thought maybe I had. He proceded to tell me that if I did not handle this debt today or make arrangements that someone would be knocking on my door in the nexy 24-48 hours with a subpoena to go to court to have it settled there and the settlement amount would be higher. | He said I could pay 351.00 and have it handled and settled today and that afterwards it would show up on my credit report as a paid in full debt and I woukld recieve paperwork in the mail about it being closed out. | I agreed and was transferred to some woman who took my payment over the phone. Stupid me paid the money and guess what? Nothing ever showed up on ym credit report and never had and furthermore I neevr received anything int he mail confirming the debt was paid. | I did however keep their emails and have turned them into my banking institution to get my funds back.


Name: Asset Arbitrators

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Fort Myers

Address: 1195 2nd Ct, Suite 110

Phone: (866) 513-0567