Approx October 2016 this company kept calling claiming they offered electronic logging systems at first I refused the offer. But within a week they called at least twice a day with some great deal and what they offered was top notch and AMS was the best in the business. After explaining I wasn’t interested than a manger gets on the phone and continues to insist that it wasn’t a scam and he would guarantee if I wasn’t satisfied I could cancel anytime with a fee. False, lies, I sent notice of cancellation in November after receiving two plastic boxes in a yellow envelope that contained to little black plastic boxes with a couple of wires and a small antenna. Package did not contain any type of instructions or any kind of invoice showing what I purchased and what the equipment cost. | I gave this company money from my credit card to charge to receive a product that was suppose to be electronic logging systems used in the mandate for trucking industries. | This company is claim to have electronic logging but what you get is a useless black box that doesn’t come with any type of paperwork or instructions. Now after I supposedly had this account cancelled I receive a call from a woman named Stephanie from this AMS off claiming I owe AMS for the tracking of these devices, after try to telling Stephanie I didn’t owe a dime, were in fact they owe me a refund for the cost of units, because these units was never actives or installed and sent back she insisted I owe. | After hanging up on her I call Julio At AMS and he states I need to file another cancellation form out I sent him a letter advising to cancel but it the big run around file a form but Stephanie keeps calls and today 2/2/2017 3:30 pm she was advised not to call she’s advised me she will call everyday. Therefore I’ve already file complaint with Ky Attorney Generals office. I further advise Stephanie to send me copies of all this tracking she claims I owe. I’ve never received even one invoice or any type of history of tracking because there isn’t any. | This place is a complete scam. And AMS might be a legitimate company but after looking in AMS website the devices they offer in one website is nothing like the junk that was sent me. It’s my belief that they are using some sort of spoofing that might be cloning the real AMS phone numbers if they are any such business. A real company sends invoices and gives detailed billing this company’s does neither. It’s a complete scam. Only info you see is a few YouTube videos or a website but nothing gives reviews, everything you read is posted by AMS that they have listed and posted themselves.


Name: Asset Monitoring Solutions

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Miami

Address: 11098 Biscayne Blvd Suite 307

Phone: 1-855-267-8725