I was contacted by Jessica from the above company by phone. She advised us, she had a golfing group interested in renting 5-10 rooms at our resort in Mexico where we are members. I agreed to have her send us more information.We were initially given an offer for the rooms. When I raised my concern, that I didnt even know if the resort had rooms available to offer, she assured me she secured the space and when the time comes, she will provide me with an event code to finalize the rooms directly with the resort.As time when on, she introduced a second company in OK which I will also file a complaint about. They were to the escrow company that would facilitate the transaction. As time went on, it turned into the escrow company demanding we pay everything upfront before we would be paid any compensation. The amount was over 35K – they wanted us to pay out.We have done a lot of research to know this is fraud. We also contacted a lawyer. Obviously – we have chosen not to continue with this transaction. To help you with your research the second company is Service Escrow Inc.