Associated Materials, doing business as Alpine Windows ( West Coast ) or Alside Windows (East Coast ) will not honor Alpine windows lifetime guarantee. | I purchased Alpine windows out of Bothell, Washington, in 1998 during construction of my house. Being the owner as well as the builder i received a copy of Alpines Lifetime Guarantee. Fast forward to 2017 and three of the windows have failed. I went to Alpines’ website and called the warranty number which went to Associated Materials window warranty division. I proceeded with a claim and over a period of 2 weeks was continully asked to provide more documentation. Repeated emails providing every possible bit of documentataion and then some, plus numerous unreturned calls, I finally reached someone only to be told that they were not liable as they had purchased the company in 2000 and were not liable for anything prior. | They still operate under the name Alpine Windows out of Bothell, Washington and even have a website. Checking that website it now indicates that Alpines’ warranty is void on anything older than 2008. Not sure how you can offer a lifetime warranty, still operate under the same name but not be held liable. Fiat couldn’t buy Chrysler, continue to sell Chrysler and tell you they weren’t going to honor your existing 5 year 50,000 mile warranty.


Name: Associated Materials, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Ohio

City: Akron

Address: P.O. Box 2010

Phone: 1-800-922-6009