I was in town today when a Regret Paraid came through, 2 State Troopers were killed and the Bodies were being paraided through fairbanks, to respect the dead officers? so I called the captain and left him a Message? I told him that I had a wonderfull relation ship with our AST in the Past but because of Him Ive had to change my mind and that thease men are not to blame and my condolences went out for them and that it was a tragedy that they were Killed but that I could not respect them as they are working under him? and any police officers under him were Breaking the Laws of this state and the United States, my message included that he was welcome to come clean and assist me in getting this issue fixed but he wont Im sure as he was invalved with the whole Sting to Rob me and assist the criminals they had sent in to take my Claims as before trial I spoke with him? and he said to me in his own words that he would find a Jury that would convict me, and that my atempts to get help would fail and that I would be going to jail, now all of this has happend, so how did he know or have any say about this if he was not sure the Judge Michael McConahy was in with them? and why did he get so invalved in the entrapment if he had not premeditated it with the criminals of the DNR and Voytilla Lantz and Largent and the DA, this cover up true story is so hidiouse its got to blow aventually, burning down my Mining Camp blocking all Access to the area and allowing this thugg unrestricted access to the area and with out any License or there for valid Permits but yet I go to jail for not having enouph permints, now just how and why could this happen? DNR wanted the men to mine the Ground I owned and would not make this man get along with me instead gave him a green card to harrass us and commit any Crimes he wanted to tempt me and Solicit me to get upset so that they could take me out for them to get away with the crimes that they have, so in the Message I have invited the captain to come clean or face the consiquence of a Witness that has come forward who knows the truth about the whole scam, Wow did I just say i have a witness? Yes I do? and this sight dose not need to worry about me posting my Name as I am not afraid of thease Thuggs, so this is K,B, the ester Miner and I am not Scared of thease Criminals even if they Kill me which they have already threatened to do, so I just wanted my Message to him Documented for the Public Records Sake, Thanks again to Ripoff Report for your sight and interest in my case, as I am trying to get this issue resalved. .