A representative from Global Sales and Marketing LLC (GSM), a company that represented itself as a timeshare acquisition and sales business, left a message on our home phone stating that they had a buyer for our time share in Mexico. We negotiated and revised a number of documents with GSM related to the sale of the property in the process. Once the documents were agreed on between GSM and us they were forwarded to the title transfer company, Astra Closing Group (ACG). ACG provided us with a bank statement from Banco Santander (Mexico) SA showing the money for the transaction being held in an escrow fund. They then informed us that because we were not Mexican citizens that we would be required by law to be registered as Foreign Investors in order to legally derive income from that country. Then the representative from ACG, Salvatore Mangano, stated to both Trey Johnson and us that we would need to be registered as a foreign investor before we could proceed to close. The fee for the registration was 4.6% of the total amount of the transaction or approximately $7,300. This fee was to be reimbursed by the buyer in accordance with our signed agreement. However, it is important to note that they stated that the money could not be reimbursed until the whole transaction closed.After wiring the money to CCT Compliance Corporate Timeshare, SA DE CV, the title company provided documents showing receipt of funds and the certificate of registration as a foreign investor. Both Trey Johnson and Salvatore Mangano used multiple contracts, addendums and what was represented as separate title company (Astra Closing Group) to process the closing. These two entities were supposed to be unrelated, but as it turns out Global Sales and Marketing LLC and Astra Closing Group both refer to the same individual (Trey Johnson) as the Business Management.We were waiting on the money to be wired when they came back with a request for additional funds. I became very concerned with yet another need for money in order to close the deal. They Salvatore stated that we were now required to get a S.R.E. permit, which was related to a new tax reform law that went into effect on February 1, 2017 stating that any property that was within 100 kilometers of the international border or within 50 kilometers of the seacoast would be required to have this new permit. The fee for this permit was forwarded to us on a Mexico form 5P1A004 and reflected an amount of approximately $12,000, which was to also be reimbursed by the buyer in accordance with the revised closing addendum. This money was not wired. At this point I was certain that this was a scam and I denied a request for additional funds. They came back with an offer to pay 51% of the additional S.R.E. cost if we wired the 49%. Trey assured us that this would allow closure on the deal and authorize transfer of funds for the sale of our timeshare. I again responded that I did not have any additional funds available. Since that communication they have stopped responding to my emails.