Complaint: I purchased an ASUS Transformer AiO desktop in October 2013 and in January of 2014 my hard drive crashed and ASUS replaced my hard drive. I sent it in and it took approximately 3 weeks to have it sent in and returned. Less than one year after the hard drive was replaced, the hard drive crashed again. I contacted ASUS to have it serviced again and ASUS said the desk top is out of warranty. I tried to have a discussion with the technician as to why it would be out of warranty when it clearely had a problem 3 months after purchase and he really had no answer. I asked him to escalate this issue to the next level and he said that the wait time was long and they would have the supervisor would contact me. After 48 hours without a return call, I contacted them again and went through the whole process again. They once again stated that the desktop was out of warranty and I once again asked to speak to the supervisor. They said the wait time was long and they would have a supervisor would contact me and send me an email with an RMA number along with instruction to return the product for repair at my cost. It has now been 48 hours and I have yet to receive a call or the email. This is not the first ASUS product I have purchased and fortunately the other device is working without any issues. The reason consumers repeat a purchase of a product from the same manufacture is because they feel the product is trustworthy. Based on my recent experience, I will never purchase an ASUS product again and will make it a point to let all the people in my personal and professional circle know the poor service I have received from ASUS and steer them away from purchasing an ASUS product.

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