This company collects child support from my Ex-husband weekly. And yes he has shown me his pay stubs. Yet I see the child support sporadically, maybe once every two or three weeks. It is usally just worth one weeks support. I finally said something to my ex. He spoke to them and I received that amount that they were holding for Dec and Jan on March 12th, but I haven’t seen a cent since. They have been pulling child support from every check since the beginning of Dec. Yet I only started recieving my payments in Jan. The big questions are why are they a month behind in giving me the money and why are they trying to get one of their employees in trouble with the law by not submitting the money? It not like it is a large sum, but it helps ends meet in my home.It also allows my children to do fun activities that their friends are doing. I hate telling my kids “no you can’t join karate because I haven’t gotten the money”” even thou it’s only $30 a month or my oldest daughters favorite “” no you can’t take your lunch to school because it cost more money then your reduced lunch at school cost””. For the few dollars the company is receiving in intrest by holding this money they are effecting my children’s childhood. I want them to look back later and say “”Yes I had a good childhood”” not “”My mom was always broke and I never got to do fun stuff””. I have always just wanted what was fair to support my children and this company is making it almost impossible to do that.”

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