I received a bothced lipo from this fraudelent company for $8900.00 in May 2013. I have visible scarring. I’m lumpy and uneven in all the areas they performed the lipo on. Dr. Domanski performed my surgery. I complained immediatly and was told give it time. By the time they agreed that Dr. Domanski’s work was not acceptible they agreed to fix the problem for another $6,500 which was offeneded me and was not fair. I refused to pay again for something that should have been done correctly in the first place. My adominal area has big huge lumps and unevenness. So much so that I have to wear to blouses or tanks underneath to cover it. I am very self conscious of the new flaws. I look worse now than prior to receiving the botched lipo. 1. I was told by Dr. Sherman (Crook) that Dr. Domanski’s work on me were less than satifactory. He offered me a swinging deal of $6,500 to fix what I paid $8,900 to get. He also stated Dr. Domanski is no longer with the so called Company because he had too many botched procedures and complaints. He told me to wait until Jan 2014 to have the corrective surgery. Which after raising Cain and Hell I refused to pay for. 2. Athenix Staff played the come in and we will see what we can do to accomodate game. The made several appointments during the month of Jan 2014 and future months later and cancelled them. They would call on the day of the appt. day and hours prior to the appt. time and asked if I could come in the office in 20mins because the doctor had an unexpected engagement. This happened for months. 3. I saw another doctor, I believe his name was Fellows. I was there for hours whlie he poked and prodded me and measure me and finally said I’d lost too much weight. He did agree just as Dr. Sherman agreed that the services were unacceptable. This doctor got upset at my description of my body after receiving services from Athenix. That was more important than the situation. Dr. Sherman told me to wait a few more months so that my body could completely heal. This was a ploy to run down the statue of limitations for a potentiial lawsuit. I then asked for the owners number and called he repeatedly. He (Mr. Hefner) returned my call 8mos later. His excuse was that he’d told his secretary to call me?? He told me to contact Dr. Domanski directly. I did go back into their office and saw Dr. Sherman again who told me I was 4lbs overweight and they would not do the corrective surgery until I lost the weight. This was all BS!!! I contacted Dr. Domanski and went to his office and showed him his work. His work was obvious. He knew and look ashamed. He offered me $1,000 dollars but wanted me to sign away any potential lawsuit which I disagreed. I am going to file criminal charges against this company and hope others come forward. I have read other reports with clients having the same exact issues and the same steps taken with them only to run out time to pursue legal claims against them. Mysteriously, over the past few months, I have been receiving scar cream from an anonimous source. I would like to file a class action lawsuit against this company. They need to be shut down for negligence and great bodily harm. I’m ashamed of my body more so now than before. It makes me sad that I paid someone to butcher my body. I wished I would’ve just exercised. Mr. Hefner and Dr. Sherman especially or manipulative and dishonest. The staff are trained well because they are the same with the exception of Jennifer.


Name: Athenix Body Sculpting Institute

Country: United States

State: Washington

City: Bellevue

Address: 636 120th Ave NE Suite 202

Phone: 888 276 1535

Website: athenixbody.com/