First of all, it took me forever to get someone to call me back. That should have been my first clue. They do not answer their phones; calls go directly to voice mail and then they call you back. Their fee for a comprehensive consultation is $310 which, when I called, was told it included testing. I thought that was high so I told Mr. John Richardson what my previous Naturopathic Doctor visits included, which was muscle testing, blood/urine/saliva testing, weight, oxygen and blood pressure testing. He told me they do that AND hair, saliva and skin analysis. We went back and forth on appointment times because he said he needed a nurse there to do the testing, but finally said that Dr. William Richardson, his brother, “could do the testing since he is an ER doctor.”” Upon arriving at their nasty


hole-in-the-wall office

Dr. William E. Richardson reviewed my medical history

looked into my eyes