I got a voicemail from a supposed arbitraior at ARG and Associates saying there is a pending legal action against me and when I called the number back a woman answered the phone saying she was a mediator. She did have my name address and old debt information which is why I stayed on the phone for a while and almost fell for this scam. They were trying to get me to make a payment so that I would admit to their debt. Pressuring me and saying she’s trying to help me but that I would have to make a payment right away in order to stop further legal action. When I asked for her name and call back she got even more aggressive but said her name is Lisa Johnson and the number she gave me didn’t work when I tried later. So I called back the original line 1-888-803-4605. She answered again, but this time I tried to get more information from her asking her what company she worked for and she now said Atlanta Recovery and before she said something else and the voicemail said ARG and associates. I asked for her address and she refused to give it to me. I asked for her full name again and she yelled at me saying “ I already have you my name before! Are you paying this debt or not!? I said there is no debt and she said “i’ll see you in court!”