This report would have to start with the roof replacement of a Provincial School. The workers could only work while the school was not atteneded by its students. Thus with weather and high winds making it impossible to stay within the deadlines. The company was underbidding jobs in the area to ensure that it could maintain work for its workers. With underbidding a million dollar job it would mean it would be impossible for the company to make any money and it could use its own workforce outside of Nova Scotia. This company is also a unionized company and is required to provide work to its unionized staff first and foremost. Bad judement calls on part of the company and cheap materials used in the construction of a new roof led to high cost of insurance based on leaks within the school. Thus workers lost their jobs to cover up company mistakes. Another job site being done was found to have a complete rotten deck. Meaning part of the roof was unsafe to walk on. The integrity of the steel beams was also comprimised meaning that if a worker fell it was 20 plus feet to a croncrete floor below. Atlantic Roofers own safety officer Don Hall told its staff that they were to place some plywood sheets on the roof to walk on even though the steel beams supporting the roof was not safe and the buildings own safety inspector deemed it not safe. The workers who refused to step on the condemmed part of the roof were told by its own safety officer to work on that part of the roof or else. To prove their point a worker threw a hammer on the roof deck and it fell completely through the roof. Atlantic roofers is suppose to be the best in safety??? With the low bidding on jobs in the area just to ensure that it could stay in business Atlantic roofers procurred another Provincial school with the Lower Sackville area. This roofing process is not to be done in Tempertures below freezing. This site is currently under construction during -20 degree tempertures. Atlantic Ltd has gone ahead and ordered incorrect materials and its workers have paid for that mistake with their jobs. The foreman onsite who should have the last say of what is safe on the jobsite was told to lay roof in 70 k winds while the school was in operation. The material used in roofing are very light weight and could blow off the roof and possible injure a child. The workers were told to work anyway even though children were in harms way. The subsequent material being used to place on the roof again were ordered incorrectly and when the foreman refused to place the wrong materials he was subsequently fired. Fired for being safe at work and for refusing to roof with the wrong materials just to get a job done with in a certain time limit with no regard for workers safety and the saftey of the school children. After another team was brought in from another province and not union a child was hit with a sheet of insulation because they were working in unsafe conditions. This company is in business currently underbidding other companies in the area just to procure work. I will leave you with this in mind. If a company is under bidding other companies in the area with no possible way to actually make money it comes to mind that they are using unsafe practices and incorrect materials and can no way provide sound quality work to the public.

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