This company hides behind different names and refuses to honor the 10 year warranty. They claim I purchased their windows from a factory outlet store even though their company name and contact information is on my original invoices. I bought a house that was built in 1963 that needed all new windows. One, Yes just one window purchased from Atlantic obviously has seal failure with moisture fogging between the double panes as shown in the picture attached. This company not only has poor customer service by not returning any phone calls as they claimed they would but rather sends out a certified letter claiming they have no obligation to service me under their warranty. It appears to me that when someone sends out a certified letter rather than calling on the phone that this type of individual is not only used to dealing with legal issues but they also have no business ethics. I would highly suggest anyone in need of windows to deal with a more reputable company like (((competitor’s name redacted))).. I am not a doctor or a scientist but perhaps the “Argon Gas”” filled windows leaked out at the plant inadvertently entering the brains of this operation and negatively affecting their thought processes. Yes

I am 100% dissatisfied with Atlantic Vinyl Windows and Doors and I can only suggest that you do yourself a BIG favor and Stay Away! <font color=””red””><a href=””/whyedited.asp”” target=””why””> sorry

allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition

to only come back later to suggest their company