Atlas Obsolete Chrysler Parts Aka: Atlas Obsolete Motor Parts Item sent back not refunded… over $200. Murrieta California!!. In July of 08 I called Atlas Parts via a handout at a car show. I ordered a fuel gauge sending unit for my 58 plymouth which cost $207.66 including shipping. I did ask that if it did not fit could I send it back. “MB” stated it could. After work was done on the car and an attempt was made to fit the part it was evident it would not fit. The mechanic called and I immediately repacked and sent it back to Atlas Parts in the original packing material and box. Note that it was not fitted onto the car in any way, nor was anything hooked to it so it was in perfect condition as shipped to me. When I called Atlas a week later I got grilled from ‘MB’ saying they don’t refund these parts but he would re-credit my card anyway. After 2 more weeks I called again… ‘MB’ then wanted to know everything again and that refun

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Atlas Obsolete Chrysler Parts