Complaint: I am trying to get together everyone I can to expose this company to the public, nation wide. I have read reports of people not getting paid, as far back as 2008! I waited patiently past the 60 days they gave themselves to pay, or 8-10 weeks. There was a point that I called and the voice-mailbox was full. I know I am not the only one frustrated by this. And this company is a fraud. You can not pick and choose who you want to pay. I’m sure Toyota would be very upset to hear this, seeing as when this goes to the media, their name will be involved. Please feel free to contact me with any interests in this case or if you have had the same problem. Do not let Joseph Meyer get away with this again.

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Address: 559 W. Diversey, Ste. 100 Chicago, Illinois United States of America


Phone: 773.755.0000