We looked online for a Canon lens 50mm 1.8 for my son’s birthday present and found the best price on the ATO website that popped up in our Google "shopping" search. The website looked legitimate and we figured it was safe because it was supported by PayPal. Just like the woman in the previous fraud complaint regarding ATO, we received a purchase invoice and receipt of payment that said we would be notified about the shipping. They never contacted us and after a week we tried emailing 6 times to the numerous email addresses associated with the business, which went unanswered. Then we attempted to call the phone number which was disconnected. Sensing a scam, I contacted PayPal yesterday and have submitted a fraud claim, which gives the seller 10 days to respond. If they don’t respond PayPal Protection will reimburse us and hopefully shut down this fraudulent seller. BEWARE of ATO APPLIANCES….It’s a total Scam.