I am a firm believer in Karma and what goes around comes around. After reading several other reports on this site about Atrium and Mr. Jabre I have decided to add my 2 cents. About 10 years ago my wife and I decided to build our first home. We decided to go the modular route and shortly thereafter we met Eddy Jabre. He seemed knowledgeable and appeared to have some very nice architectural perspectives which impressed us at the time. Eddy was very low pressure with everything except for payment details and guidelines. Once he received our money the attention began to wain. His promises never materialized and he continued to say “I will take care of it”” “”don’t worry about it”” It got to a point where both myself and my wife were so turned off by the inconsistency and sweet talk that we decided to pull out of the project instead of trusting this professional “”nice guy”” with our life savings. He refused to refund any of our money and we were out about $4

000 with nothing to show for it except architectural drawings which were rehashed from previous projects with modifications made per our request. We did finally settle on a builder and built our modular home using the same factory (Epoch Modular) that Mr. Jabre would have used. We came to find out that the design he came up with was bogus according to industry experts and Epoch themselves. Don’t get me wrong

it would have been possible to build and it looked great on paper but with cost over-runs into the hundred thousand dollar range. Mr. Jabre is the worst kind of rip off artist. He appears sweet and trusting but underneath he is a greedy charlitan looking to profit from poor wormanship and dishonesty. I am so happy that we pulled out early but I am sad for those who did not have the foresight or opportunity to do the same. I am not a person with any agenda or vendetta

I am simply looking to save some other people other from falling for this scam.”

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