Complaint: I opened a residential internet account with AT&T in the fall of 2010. I was told at the time I would be charged $14.95 per month for service. At the time they told me to pay the amount on the bills, which were $30 and it would take a “few months for the billing to catch up”” and they would credit my account the difference. After six month my accounts still did not show that rate and numerous calls to customer service did not resolve the issue. I attempted to contact the corporate office and was contacted back by an employee named Rhonda nearly a year later. She apologized for the situation and zeroed out my account balance and said that she would give me six months free service. I was still billed for service at the increased rate

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Address: despite the promise of FREE. I called again and again was forced to follow up with corporate where I was assured the situation would be resolved. Again it was not and I ended up canceling the service. In 2012 I again sent letters and spoke with a woman named Doris

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