Complaint: On 8/09 Direct TV turned on Playboy/Movies Extra pack for (free). When they called to let me know it was on, I told them I did not want it and to turn it off. They stated that it was free to all and they had to turn it on. Then they end up charging me for the service because I didn’t call and turn it off. this is a service I did not want and ask them to not connect. I paid them and told them I never want to see that on my bill again. It was removed. Then at the beginning of 2019 AT&T called to tell me that they were turning on Showtime for free. I immediately told them I did not want it. I don’t watch either HBO or Showtime, but to no avail, since it was being turned on to all customers. Again’ they charged me for the service the next month even after I stated I did not want it. When I called their customer service, the stated that I was been credit for the service, however, the charge $30.99 and credit $17.99 back, thus ripping people off for $13.00 per month.. When I call again to turn it off they keep saying it free, but they are addressing HBO, but since the line item on the bill is HBO/Showtime, they are only partially right and this action borders on fraud if not out right illegal. We hear about fraud scams in newspapers and TV all the time, but permit one of the biggest companies in US to do this to our people. They are ripping off many customers, maybe millions, and I’m surprised that there isn’t a class action suit against this company.

Tags: Internet, Phone, Satellite TV, TV Services

Address: Florida United States