Complaint: I have an AT&T account that used to be bundled with a Direct TV account. On April 4, 2018, I canceled my Direct TV account and just have a home phone through AT&T. I have received a statement from Direct TV stating I owe nothing and have a credit (refund) of 61.58. AT&T keeps billing me for $106.00 for said Direct Tv account that I do not have. I have talked with Direct TV 3 times and AT&T 8 times about this. Just today I was passed off to 5 people to get any answers as to why they keep billing me. I got nowhere. My AT&T account number 147110856, AT&T keeps charging me a late fee $5.00 on a Direct TV bill that I don’t owe. I still have a home phone through AT&T but it is always paid. My old Direct TV account number 64194055 with a confirmation number that Direct TV gave me stating that this is resolved on their end 7234910031190150 that I owe nothing and have a credit balance of $61.58. I have been given the runaround from AT&T and they can not tell me why they keep billing me for an account I do not have. I’m tired of this. I have contacted AT&T 3 times by phone and 4 times by chat online and 3 times I’ve contacted Direct TV.

Tags: Utility

Address: 3530 Flannigans Rd Sweet Home, Oregon United States