Complaint: My family and I have been loyal AT&T customers for over 10 years and have had issues here and there but nothing serious until I recently moved into a new apartment and had U-Verse installed. My u-verse installation was scheduled for January 17th from 1-3. Unfortunately due to a busy work schedule I unknowingly had to return to the office Saturday and work from 10 am to 6pm. At around 12 o’clock I received a call from an unknown 918 number and because I was busy at work, I could not and did not answer. No voicemail was left and because I could not have a lengthy conversation I text the number saying “Who’s this?”” And the response I received was nothing more than “”Andrew””. Not knowing who “”Andrew”” was I sent the number another text and said “”Who?”” To which he finally replied “”Your att tech I am here to install your internet”” since he was an hour early and I had asked a family member

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Address: my grandfather

Website: saying that he had left a tool at my apartment and when would someone be home to let him in to get it. Now a days you can never be to cautious with strangers so I told him that he could pick it up from my apartment office that following Monday

Phone: to be there around one I replied to Andrew let him know that he was early and that someone would be there at one o’clock. After he had installed the unit everything seemed to be over and done but I received another text from Andrew