Complaint: I have spent many hours on the phone, on various dates, and three trips to UPS and the post office, to return a modem that was shipped in error. After all that, this past week I contacted AT&T regarding the refund and was told I’d be recontacted yesterday between 7 and 9 am to provide my tracking number. They did not call. I located the tracking number yesterday and followed the tracking record to find the shipment that was delivered 11/28. Today I looked up the tracking info again and received a message that it was in transit. Meanwhile, my call has not been returned. I am getting old and am extremely fatigued working with representatives that tell me I am “part of the AT&T family”” and that they care about me while being routed from worker to worker

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Address: each of whom has to screen me at length before answering questions. I woke up a week ago realizing this is not a comedy of errors

Website: especially for a mistake they made. This is my first complaint but the anger and frustration generated from this activity is beyond unfair. This is fraudulent! I could go on about other problems with AT&T but want to make it known that AT&T has crossed the line from poor customer service to fraud. Thank you for providing this opportunity to set things right.”

Phone: but done on purpose