ATTITUDE STREET CARS CAUSED MORE DAMAGE TO VEHICLE THAN THEY FIXED CARROLLTON Georgia!!. Took our vehicle to the faciltiy for engine repair and tuning. When we picked up the vehicle the transmission went out in less than 6 miles due to the facility not adding trasmission fluid to the system once they opened the system, admitting they opened the system to repair engine and some fluid was lost (admiting they did not add transmission fluid even though some was lost). Facility also scratche both front fenders with one needing repainting because of the depth of the scratches and the other needing professional buffing. Facility damaged hood strut cylinders which we have had to replace. Facility cut exhaust bracket off the vehicle and never replace. Faciltiy routed coolant line wrong and it needs re-routed. Facility dyno tuned car completely wrong creating major engine issues which faciltiy attemped mulitple time to “fix”. Facility also damaged the radiator cowl beyond repair and never replace it. We provided the faciltiy with the vehicle multiple times in attempts to allow them to fix the issues they created and they have been unable to provide adequate resolution. They refuse to compensate us for all the damages they have caused. Every time we have allowed them time to fix the issues the vehicle comes back with bigger and worse problems. At this point we only want compensated for the damages because taking the vehicle back for them to “fix” only ends up costing us more money because they create MORE issues that they cannot fix.

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