Complaint: Alan Freer Corrupt Lawyer In Las Vegas Guardianship Racket: Back in 2008 my father died in an auto accident in Las Vegas, leaving my mother alone. My mother was in the beginning stages of Alzheimers and we had no other family members living in Las Vegas because my parents had fallen for propaganda from a home developer that moving to a retirement community in Nevada would be good for them, so my parents moved away from their family in Colorado. Because I was on the east coast giving a seminar at the time of my fathers death, I was unable to get to LasVegas immediately. Just days after my fathers death, a private guardian was put in charge of my mother. It turned out that a neighbor, thinking she was helping, called the Clark County Senior Protective Services and explained that my mother was alone and was acting funny. This county agency told the neighbor to call the guardianship commissioner office of Jon Norheim for help. Someone in that office gave the neighbor the office number of a private fiduciary, Jared Shafer of Professional Fiduciary Services of NV, who was suppose toprotect my mother until I could arrive from the east coast. When I finally got into town, Mr. Shafer told me that he would draw up paperwork for me to be co-guardian with him for my mother because I was not a resident of Nevada and therefore I was not allowed to be her guardian, that a resident of Nevada was necessary to serve as a co-guardian with me. Mr. Shafer said I would be hearing from his lawyer, Alan Freer, in a few days and not too worry since a caregiver was placed in moms home and that she would be in good hands. Mr. Shafer also told me I could visit, but that I couldnt spend the night at her home. I thought this was odd, but thought maybe this was how it was supposed to be. He also told me I was not to remove anything from the home. I thought these restrictions were unusual but because I was quite distraught over the death of my father and concerned for my mother I let it go and I went back to work in Colorado and waited to hear from Mr. Freer. After 3 weeks went by with no word from Mr. Shafer or his attorney Alan Freer, I contacted Mr. Freer, who told me that Mr. Shafer never accepts a co-guardian and that it was too bad because he already had temporary guardianship and they had already filed for permanent guardianship and that I could come and petition for guardianship myself but Id needed someone else in NV to be guardian with me. He also told me that if I objected to Mr. Shafer or filed for guardianship that judge Norheim would give he and Mr. Shafer what they wanted so there was no point in even trying. He said, Mr. Shafer and I tell judge Norheim what we want and you cant do anything about it. You will never be guardian of your mother and if you go against us well make sure the judge always rules in our favor and well make d**n sure your parents estate will be emptied, leaving you nothing when she dies. And then he hung up the phone. I was floored at hearing this. Since this conversation with this lawyer Alan Freer, I have been fighting him to gain guardianship of my mother for over 2 years. They have gone through over $400,000 of my parents estate and are about to sell moms home, with the help of Wells Fargo, and put her in a rest home. She is very depressed and wants to come to Colorado and be with her children and grand children, but Mr. Shafer and Mr. Freer will not allow her to leave. I am fearful for her safety and well being. During the last 2 years, Mr. Alan Freer has done nothing but lie and make up bad things about my family and me. Every time Mr. Freer or Mr. Shafer tell lies in Jon Norheims court he does nothing about it, it is as if he is deaf and blind to any of their bad behavior in court. In fact, Commissioner Norheim allows them to use inappropriate words and comments in court. Once Mr. Shafer referred to my mothers property as a pile of crap. Another time I tried to speak up to defend myself against their lies about me and my family but Commissioner Norheim had the baliff threaten to arrest me if I spoke again. This is all very unfair and this Clark County Family Court is run like a free for all, with Mr. Norheim, Mr. Freer and Mr. Shafer all saying and doing want they want to exploit and abuse the ward and their families. To add insult to injury, Mr. Freer and Mr. Shafer smirk and laugh at us and Commission Norheim turns a blind eye and ear. Mr. Norheim also exhibits some very bad behavior, even admitting that he doesnt have to follow the law all the time. Attorney Freer did tell me that Mr. Norheim gives them want they want, which sounds like Mr. Norheim is accepting some kind of favors. This lawyer Alan Freer is the most horrible excuse of an attorney. He lies, he threatens and he over bills my parents estate for nothing and so does Jared Shafer. He repeatedly files the same documents time after time all to create more billings. He insults me and my family and my mother. He even insults my attorney and my moms doctors. He is very rude, mean and corrupt and I dont understand why he is still practicing law. My experience tells me that the Clark County court system, the judges, the guardians, the attorneys and the banks are all working together to take advantage of old people like my mother. We are also having a difficult time with Wells Fargo Bank, the trustee for my parents trust. A Ms. Eve Mills is the person working with Mr.Shafer and Mr. Freer to make sure the estate is being disgorged of its assets, with the highest amount of money being paid to attorney Alan Freer, which makes my family think that Mr. Shafer is possibly getting a cut of Mr. Freer’s excessive fees. Ms. Eve Mills will not answer my questions or return my calls, she acts like the trust is hers and I that I dont have any rights, even if I am a beneficiary. She told me that Mr. Freer and Mr. Shafer are very important people in the community, which sounded as if she admired these miserable excuses of human beings, which doesnt say much for her or Wells Fargo Bank. I just found that others have posted complaints about attorney Alan Freer and guardian Jared Shafer and that they are being investigated by the government. I certainly hope so, I will file my own complaints to as many agencies as possible, as will my relatives and friends. Anyone with any information on these 2 and their associates should add comments to my posting to help all of us victims and to stop further abuse of our elders by attorneys like Alan Freer and guardians like Mr. Shafer. After one of our hearings, in the court hallway, I heard attorney Alan Freer tell Mr. Jared Shafer and his assistant, Patience Bristol, Well, we screwed another jerk who thinks hes going to save his mother and family estate. These out of state kids need to just go away and let us rip off their parents. Mr. Shafer and Miss. Bristol laughed. They did not know that I was standing behind them but even when they saw that I heard them, they acted as if they were happy I had heard. These are very creepy people. Attorney Alan Freer should be disbarred and he and professional guardian Jared Shafer should be in jail for exploiting my mother and all the other senior citizens that moved to Nevada thinking they had found their paradise. What a joke. Lets hope the joke is on them soon when all their dirty deeds catch up with them. Im one of those people who feel that justice will be seen so fellow victims, please speak up.

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