Complaint: Attorney Arthur Corona (SBN 233821) is a SCAM attorney. Attorney Arthur Corona is corrupt, unethical attorney whom scams people out of their hard-earned money and causes nothing but misery. Attorney Arthur Corona is an unskilled lawyer who cannot properly defend his clients and, instead, forces them to accept plea bargains and go to prison, eventhough most of them are innocent. Arthur Corona is from the firm: Corona and Peabody, in Los Angeles, California. His SBN is 233821. Beware of Arthur Corona, for he is very unstable and violent. He has been known to become enraged at any given moment and viciously assault clients who do not give in to his unreasonable demands. He has cause several clients to end up in the emergency room. He has also been charged with sexual harassment and sexual assault of another female client. My wife and I hired this law firm of Corona and Peabody in the year 2009 and they stole our life savings. Do NOT hire this attorney. He will take yor retainer and then never do any work for you. He is rude, dishonest, unethical, nasty, difficult, will never answer phone calls afetr you have paid him , and he is extremely violent and unstable. Furthermore, he does many illegal things and loses cases. He is so unethical, that he cheats clients out of their retainer money, hires lazy process servers, threatens his clients and the people that he files against, and resorts to other illegal tactics in order to cheat the courts, and any other system. Attorney Arthur Corona and his law partner, Attorney Jennifer Peabody, also have been involved in the rape of young, autistic biys and other helpless children. These people are very insane and unstable. Do get involved with this crazy lawyer. Note that Attorney Arthur Corona and his partner, Attorney Jennifer Peabody, are currently under investigation by several law enforcement agencies for tax evasion and a host of other crimes. Beware, for these 2 attorneys are under investigation for many instances of fraaud and identity theft against former clients. The shadiest attorneys.

Tags: Sex Offenders

Address: 617 south Olive street Los Angeles, California USA


Phone: 2134880022