The scammer used a fake profile of someone I know and contacted me with a text messenger and told me about a "Federal Government Monetary Grant Award 2018 Commission," and asked me if I got mine. I asked what was it and they proceeded to tell me it was money used to pay bills, go to school, open a business, or buy a home. They texted about paying a $600.00 clearance fee and get $30,000.00 within 24 hours and its money that you don’t have to pay back. They asked if I wanted Attorney Gabriel private phone number and I said yes,. They then told me to message him and I told them that I couldn’t at the time but I will do it the next day. I knew it was a scam so I started asking about their twin granddaughters, and I asked them were they going to attend the surprise birthday party for a fake person that I made up and they said that they were not sure if they were going or not. I then texted them back "Thank you for the information and the telephone number . I will make sure that I give it to the FBI and to make sure that it is legit because the are too many scammers out here. At after they read that they blocked me immediately.