Complaint: Attorney Herb Sachs is extremely DISHONEST! His Paralegal is a very hateful and DISHONEST person. She’s pregnant with hate!! He hates people. She yells at young people. She’s a miserable old lady!! I simply called the law office of Herb Sachs to ask if he does contract cases. Donna started screaming at me on the phone and then hung up on me. She then told Herb Sachs that I called and questioned his crudentials. However, I NEVER DID THAT!! DONNA LIED!! SHE’S A BAD PERSON!! SHE LIES ABOUT INNOCENT PEOPLE!! SHE’S A LIAR!! SHE THEN SAID IN A MEAN MONOTONE SCAREY VOICE AND YELLED AT ME SAYING, HERB IS NOT TAKING YOUR CASE! She then slammed the phone in my face. I could not believe how she just treated me, so I called back and asked for Herb Sachs as I thought she was putting words in his mouth. Herb Sachs came on the phone and started yelling at me the same as Donna was yelling at me. Herb then slammed the phone in my face. Attorney Herb Sachs is a mean man. He yells at woman. He runs an unprofessional office. He also has a retputation of overcharging money and being extremely dishonest. Don’t hire Herb Sachs. There are much better attorneys around with nicer paralegals. His paralegal Donna is a very mean hateful person. She’s a miserable old lady.

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