This website is bogus


My Complaint: While I was home from college for the summer, I applied and signed up for many different job sites and career building websites. Somehow I came across “” This website is allegedly designed to help employers hire people based on their physical appearance. I entered some information and posted my resume however I never finalized anything. I was shocked one day when I randomly searched my name on google and found the link for The website claims to be affiliated with about 8 companies. The companies include Gold’s Gym, the Hyatt Regency, Gotham Comedy Club NY, Westin Hotels and Resorts as well as a few others. Not only was I upset that my name and picture appeared, but I was even more livid to find my address as well as my resume and other private information viewable to the public. When I tried to log onto the website it wouldn’t let me sign on. There was a “forgot my password” option, however, when I entered my email address it claimed to not have recognized any of the 3 emails I use. I also tried logging in with my username which is my first and last name but it claimed to not have recognized this either. The website has no one to contact directly about any problems and I now my information is just available to any and everybody. I would not recommend this website to anyone. In the future I will be more conscientious of where I submit my personal information. As of now I am still currently trying to find a way to get my information of this website.


My Demand: All I want is for my personal information to be removed from this website.