We want to share what we believe to be an ongoing scam from a contractor named Tracy Atwater. This man was convicted to 4-10 years prison time in the state of NH in 2007 for accepting payments from customers and not performing the work. He is banned from owning or operating any business in which he takes payment up front in the state of NH and we believe he has moved his operation to MA and want people to know to stay away! We originally found this man on craigslist and his prices were simply the best around. He installed a walkway in burlington ma for us and the whole experience was two days and we liked him very much. Three years later we have purchase a home in mansfield ma and reached back out to get an estimate for some work at our new home. After one email, he showed up and gave us an estimate in writing for $8900 to build a 750 sf patio, with a built in fire pit, 16 ft bench wall seat all capped, new walkway out front with new bluestone steps and landing, edging pavers and a truckload of crushed stone. The whole project was to take about a week and he wanted $2000 down, $4400 when all material arrived and the balance upon completion. Well needless to say, he still has not completed this job that he started in May and has received all but $180 which we blame ourselves for. He is a very smooth and convincing person, a true con artist who befriends you and gently extracts money from your pocket before you realize he hasn’t done any work. I have dozens of emails and text messages from this man with every excuse in the book as to why he has not finished, how he will finish up tomorrow, the delivery people have screwed up the order, his son has poison ivy all over his body, his workers all called in sick, he cannot do any work in the rain, he was given the wrong material and so on. At one point, we had no communication with this man for weeks. We knew to pay him with a check at least and after reading the cancelled checks, we found his name to be Tracy Atwater, not Trey as he stated. Naturally, we wanted to contact him and googled his name knowing he lived somewhere near Worcester from what he told us. This is when we knew the man was a convicted criminal and we realized there was a reason for his low prices. He has finished everything except the fire pit cap, rear step to my basement, crushed stone on the side of the house and never finished the patio where it goes under my rear porch. We have not heard from him in 2 weeks and I am going to finish what I can myself and hire a professional to finish what we need done. A relative in Norwood MA decided to hire him as well for a front walkway and we warned her not to pay him until 100% finished. He also contracted to refinish her rear steps. Needless to say, he left her front steps unusable for 2 weeks, kept telling her tomorrow every day, finished the front walk and convinced her to pay him in full and has not returned to finish the rest of what he was paid to do. Here is a little info on this operation and how it seems to work. “Trey”” drives a white F250 license plate 3434242 (we believe) His phone number is 774-318-0228 He works with his son named Chris He has a worker named Freddy who we only saw twice He lives somewhere in central ma His voicemail is usually always full from what we assume to be angry customers”

22 Turner Road Webster , Massachusetts USA