My husband and I have been together for 8 years and married 4. My husband is in the Military. During the time he started to mess around with his coworker, Aubrey, we were going through a rough patch in our marriage. He was talking to multiple females, but I never had proof that it was more than”talking”. That was until I decided to hack into his FB account. I quickly glanced at his messages and saw that they were typical messages to his coworkers and friends. Something told me to look at the messages between him and Aubrey. So I did. She told him that she was disappointed to find out that he was married and told him that she had a major crush on him. He responded by saying that we are getting a divorce (I didn’t know that) and that he likes her too. They proceeded to make plans to meet up after his date with me. He was going to take her to the movies, then for drinks, then go back to her place to help her”stay up for the night shift” she was working. She kept saying how much she wanted him in her and that she was upset she only had 6 weeks left to be with him until her PCS’ed (moved). || I texted her that night after he left and told her I hope she enjoys him and that everyone will know what they have done. She pissed me off because she kept acting like she didn’t know what I was talking about. When I threatened her with proof, then all of a sudden she knew who was texting her and claimed it was innocent flirting. Excuse me bitch? You”flirt” by telling a married man you want him inside you??? Can you say SLUT! Furious, I went to their 1st sergeant with the proof and was shocked to see that he was on their side and said that nothing was going to be done. So I made plans to go to the squadron commander. While I was kicking my husband out of our apartment, he grabbed my phone while I wasn’t looking. He deleted everything I had and started denying everything that he once admitted to. Unfortunately, because I am currently 9 weeks pregnant with our third child, I can’t file for divorce from him until after the baby comes.