Auburn Chevrolet Replaced one of my tires with the wrong type on purpose! Auburn, Washington!!. Back in December of 2017 I brought my vehicle into auburn chevrolet for warranty repairs which they would not honor. Due to the verbal mistreatment I received from Auburn Chevrolet, and the service greeter mike in particular, I decided to write a Ripoff Scams shortly after my first visit with them. Mike made it clear that he was very angry at me and would seek revenge for using his name and place of work on the Ripoff Scams I originally wrote. Just recently I took my vehicle in to a popular tire service company to have my wheels rotated & alignment adjusted. It turns out that ‘someone’ had previously replaced one of my Goodyear low rolling resistance tires with a generic brand of non rolling resistance tires, therefore offsetting my alignment and also causing my car to drive un steady even with an alignment being done. Since my car is only two years old, and under 26,000

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Auburn Chevrolet