Auction Direct USA Auction Direct USA Johnathan Hoover, Andy Antonucci Place is a SCAM Run by FELONS Buffalo, New York!!. Auction Direct USA Is a scam. This information comes from Inside. Before you read on I encourage you to “Google” search some public records. Search the name “Andy Antonucci Rochester NY” The very first result, from the website is the documentation to browse, second paragraph; “…orchestrated two separate schemes that defrauded Platinum customers of more than $2.5 million…” THIS GUY IS WHO THEY HIRED AS General Manager to run the Buffalo/Clarence Store. The other Name “Johnathan Hoover” may be a little more difficult but public records indicate that he was not only convicted of DWI (not really a big deal, everyone makes mistakes), but also had the police called by neighbors after multiple reports of animal abuse, him beating and kicking his dog during a “walk”… Nice guy? ..go meet him, you decide. Moving on… They will try to lure you with the “best in market price”. the posted price on the vehicle may be the lowest around, but you pay for what you get. The scam starts when the customer is forced to listen to a sales pitch for multiple products (most vehicles qualify) such as Nitro Fill (total waste of $), Any of their “extended warranties”, if anyone reads the fine print these “warranties” only cover “…mechanical breakdown due to failure of an internally lubricated part…”, this applies to all parts of the implied “warranty”. The Managers will try to twist customers by saying “Here are the programs that the Banks offer for your situation” and many other very shady, insulting and degrading sales word tracts that very strongly imply to the customer that they are almost required to take the “warranty package” which is usually a HUGE markup on top of everything else. They flat out LIE to customers about using “multiple lenders to give you (the customer) the best rate possible…”, the sales managers will submit credit reports to the lenders that will give the DEALERSHIP the highest rate of return. ** If a customer is approved at 2.49% from a lender, the Dealership will “hold” AT LEAST 2 POINTS, the customer will be told they were approved at 4.99% or higher, depending on what the manager thinks they can get away with. ** Following suit, if a warranty for any said vehicle is, say $1,200 additional. They dealership will again drastically mark up the cost presented to the customer, usually DOUBLE, in hopes that most people are (unfortunately) too stupid to do research. The managers constantly show up hours late and leave in the middle of deals/negotiations, leaving customers to wait longer for other F/I managers to handle the increased workload, terrible customer service. The managers blatantly ABUSE their sales staff. EVERY week, instead of proven, positive, results driven, continual education and teaching, they threaten every employee with being fired…constantly, every week. They have a quota of “12-15” cars a month. None of the current managers have submitted evidence of ever achieving that goal. John Hoover, for one HAS NEVER SOLD more than 3 cars a month. Terrible Salesman, so naturally they promote him to manger… MOST customers I have witnessed with ANY warranty claims, Navigator with fold down step bumpers that failed DAYS after purchase, NOT covered, warranty company said there was “excessive rust damage”, customer on the hook for a few hundred, at least. Another customer bought an Escape, with an oil leak so bad the mechanics had it for 4 weeks and ended up damaging the vehicle further forcing customer to sell the vehicle back to the dealer (for less than they paid), and getting shafted shelling out a few more thousand for another (different) piece of s**t, beat, used car. Bottom line is this. There are MANY other FAR BETTER Dealerships to do business with. There are MANY other FAR BETTER Dealerships to work for. There are MANY other FAR BETTER, more qualified, honest people, who show compassion and respect for both employees and, especially, customers than the CONVICTS and SCAM ARTISTS they have working at Auction Direct USA.

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