Auction Natiom Charging for an auto auction that wasnt won Phoenix Arizona!!. Beware Auction Nation users. For a while I was looking for a cheap backup vehicle and did bid on an auction. I had clearly been outbid and it showed in my history..however a few minutes later i got a call from them saying I had won the auction and they had captured the $300 deposit. I said no thanks I didnt win..the lady on the phone baited me into saying that I didnt want the vehicle and then went ahead and charged a $200 reneg fee. Why did this happen? Schill bidding plain and simple. U have someone trying to drive tbe price up and if their tactic doesnt work they try to get you to pay anyways based on your last maximum bid. After much fighting and talking to somone with common sense i finally got the $500+ i was charged for an auction that I didnt win refunded. Bottom cant trust whats going on behind the scenes here. Thankfully i had taken screen shots showing proof I was outbid, if not I probably wouldnt of had a they had locked my account and could no longer see the bids i had placed. Just my experience..i hace a hard time believing that this was just a glitch.

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