Audi Finance Volkswagen Finance VW Finance VW credit leasing Put a 90 day late on my credit Hillsboro Oregon!!. I traded in the car to another dealership. The dealership paid off the car and we both walked in and turned in the leased Audi to the Audi dealer in January of 2017. I kept paying my lease till it closed on my credit. So they sent me a reimbursement check in January of all the excess car payments i made. I ran my credit this month for a mortgage and saw they put a 30, 60, 90 day late on my credit for the months of May, June and July 2017. They just closed my loan in August 2019 and when i call to discuss with the VW Finance they have no explanation or reasoning. So I have to wait to go through a credit dispute in order to fix my credit hopefully that works out. Otherwise Iu2019ll have to pay someone to fix this problem. Be aware of their lease turn ins and make sure every month after your account is closed to verify it is in fact closed and they are not putting fraudulent charges and lates onto the account.

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