After spending $250.00 that I saved up (I live on disability), I have no merchandise and no refund. I ordered recording equipment from them on ebay, they shipped fed ex. No signature was required according to fed ex and it was marked as delivered. Someone was home the entire day and there was no delivery. Fed ex says it’s on the shopper because no signature was required. When I spoke to the “manager”” he said that if fed ex said it was delivered

then it was delivered. I have gone back and forth with fed ex and audio savings and was told that I was out $250.00. The man was indifferent and rude. I asked for his manager and was told there was no one else to talk to and the phone hung up. I am at my witts end. I had ordered this equipment for school so I could get certified recording. I had to drop out because I did not have what I needed for the class. I saved for 6 months to buy that equipment. Now they have my money and I have nothing. I’m literally in tears right now. I fought tooth and nail to be heard and to get what I paid for. I never asked for the money back. I need the merchandise. I need help. Please help me.”

276 greenpoint avenue Brooklyn, New York USA