Complaint: Augustine Lett, wife Ruth Lett, and daughter Renee Lett are con artist… They stole money from their former employees and food purveyors…. they owe THOUSANDS of dollars to many individuals… they ran their restaurant into the ground. Renee Lett was in charge of payroll and was caught changing the times on employees timecards… Causing them to get paid only the hours she wanted them too. Renee Lett is a thief along with her mother Ruth Lett. Ruth Lett and daughter Renee Lett would pour big bottles of liqour into smaller bottles. Most of the time they were pouring cheap liqour into expensive liqour bottles. which is considered STEALING from the CUSTOMERS… Augustine Lett would take money out of the cash draw while heavily intoxicated and then blame the servers for stealing money not remebering he took it. While their were plenty of people who saw him on many occasions do this and were able to stick up for the servers.. AUGUSTINE, RUTH, and RENEE are CON ARTIST!! Augustine Lett is now a janitor at mid coast hospital in brunswick, ME… Anonymous around town, MaineU.S.A.

Tags: Restaurants

Address: 70 Everett Dow Woolwich, Maine U.S.A.