Misleading internet site, claiming a free trial, then hidden – and just before submitting order – it evidently shows ONLY a 10 day trial before being charged full outrageous amount. Called ONE day after the 10 day period (Needed to locate phone number by going through the site and finding the chat) and was told NO WAY were they stopping the charge even though I called to close account – I was to pay the $98.88 charge I did not authorize on my credit card – for the FREE TRIAL!! This is misleading in saying FREE TRIAL – it is only free – and not really free, as you pay shipping. THEY determine when the 10 days starts and ends, even over holidays and weekends. The worst part?? the product is worthless! Do not under any circumstances be ripped off by this scam of a company. Product is worthless, and they will charge your credit card if you are even ONE day late in calling to cancel “account”” Because they do have the 10 day information on the site – the credit card companies are unable to reverse the charges. Clever on the part of Auravie!”

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