This company did not completely reimburse me for samples of tile that I took home and tried to return. In their defense I did try to return some of them late, and I agreed that I should not be reimbursed for those as per their policy (you only have 5 days folks and then they take your money!). They did reimburse me for samples that I took out initially and I did return on time. But during that return episode they gave me three more samples, but they did not tell me how much they were worth. When I tried to return them (late), only then did they notifiy me how much they were worth and that they could not take them back and so that I owed them that money. When they showed me the calculation for what they said they gave me for those 3 samples, I realized that the samples were smaller than what they stated (they lied about what sizes of tile samples that they gave me). When I pointed this out theyrefused to reimburse me the full amount.Although the owner did try to get things straightened out, when I told her that the calculations were not correct and I referred her to her employees who knew the facts and that I was correct ,they would not say anything and did not back me up.By the way, I have heard that many tile setters here will not work with this company, so if I were you I would check them out really thoroughly before you work with them. I personally would not dream of buying tile from this company, at the very least on their terrible record keeping that I have experienced, but of course if they ripped me off for tile samples…..think about it…..

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