Austin T.H. Lore scammed me for penalty fees by never sending an initial fee notification Denver, Colorado!!. I am also a victim of this exact scam tactic. I never received an initial letter from the ExpressToll E-470 Highway Authority, and received notice months later that I owed them 50 plus dollars in accrued penalties.I don’t use E-470. So it was likely someone I loaned my car to that used the toll road. In other words, without having any way of knowing I had accrued a toll fee, this company tacked on $47 plus to my toll. I’m basing the initial $3 fee on the previous Ripoff Scamser’s statement because the two notices I’ve received do not list the initial toll price. What’s even more comedic, is that my second notice is from Attorneys At Law Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP. It’s a well written Demand For Payment that uses extremely aggressive rhetoric. Haha, I appreciate solid writers, so I decided to pay for that sake alone. However, this Demand For Payment doesn’t even list the address I should send my letter to… no bs. Is this idiocy, or another means to tac on more fees? I’m always tempted to see how much bite is behind a corporate b***h’s bite.

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